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A Golf Web Site For You

Welcome to Golf-Ology. Your complete source for all things golf. So, if you fancy yourself a golfer, are just beginning golf, or you just think golf clothes and golf home decor is really cool, come on in and take a look around. Regardless of why your here, we're glad you stopped by.

So if your looking for something such as golf for a beginner, junior golf, women's golf, or anything else golf, take your time and take a look around. If you need cash from

If you are like me, you just love the game of golf. In fact, I even like to practice golf. Learn new shots. Add more tools to the game.

Gyms and running tracks are along with folks who aren't planning on an exercise-free retirement! Many health and fitness clubs and community centers now offer classes and sports to the older members. Just because you never played a sport in your youth is silly not to begin right now!

To be honest, I used this stuff when I found myself in college. However, I noticed a lot of people Melanotan 2 observing the orange streaks were being run alongside my knees. Most of my peers laughed at my ridiculous fake bake. Well, I certainly can't blame them. A number of years later, exciting things called the airbrush tanning systems came about.

For example, find-out the manner in which as you can about at an increased risk you are visiting. Might be carnivals, festivals, or facility closures planned for that week when you're want to visit. Such events can limit your accommodation choices too as activities.

A helpful tip when it concerns golf is actually by not always play using a full set of clubs. Most often this is unnecessary which enable it to only create a more substantial bag for you and your caddie to lug just as much as. Use the clubs that you perform most active with and omit the ones that may be overkill for the course.

Reviews on Melanotan 2 can provide you an ideal option inside your choice in the buy Melanotan 2 www.transmillennium.net/melanotan2-suggested-use/ her comment is here. While using the help of the proper reviews, you can opt your own direction on the purchase. Is actually usually always better that you rely on reviews of the previous human beings. Research on the salon, which provides the service for associated with. It may make you confident in the selected the user and thereby help you that you receive the tan look on the inside near lengthy term. Receive appreciation from others instantly.

When one first takes up the game of golf, much of the swing is very mental and mechanical. But, with some good practicing habits, and gaining an understanding of the game and the swing you will be able produce lower scores.

The once raw beginning golfer can improve their game enough to get to the point that game of golf becomes even more exciting. By this I mean that every course has it's own unique personality, beauty and architecture. And when you get your game far enough along that you are hitting the fairways and greens on a more consistent basis, and you get to the point where you actually are fairly confident of what the golf ball is going to do the moment it leaves your club head, you can really begin to savor and enjoy the layout and the beauty of the game and all the different types of courses you'll play. So, checkout some of the great deals being offered at hundreds of  golf resorts and golf vacation spots offered for you in conjunction with golf-ology!

If you've been bitten by the golf bug, then I hope this website is one that you'll bookmark and visit time and time again. I hope you'll find our approach to providing you articles, information, and no nonsense golf tips to your liking and easy for you to navigate to find exactly what you're looking for.

We'll keep adding on so come back often!

From golf equipment to golf decor for your home or office, and all things in between, Golf-Ology will endeavor to provide easy access to all things golf for you.

So, play away!

Our site will continue to grow as we continually strive to provide for you the best of golf on the web in an easy follow format. Bookmark this site and check back often. We're glad you stopped by.

Play Good Golf!

Jeff O'Brien



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Get your golf game to the next level. If you have been playing golf for any time at all you know that so much of the game is golf is mental, and because of this, mental toughness and mental preparation are a big key. However, you're about to discover a proven, sure-fire way to remove the frustration and establish the mental toughness needed to get your game to the next level. With just a 7 minute / 3 day a week time commitment you will concentrate better, control your emotions, and have more fun. Fran is one of the most accomplished sports psychologists in the business.

He's trained:

  • Justin Leonard, (1997 British Open Champion, 1997 TPC Champion, 1992 US Amateur Champion, 1999 Ryder Cup)
  • Bernhard Langer, (2-time Masters Champion, Winner of over 50 professional tournaments) 
  • Vicki Goetze-Ackerman, (2-time US Amateur Champion, LPGA tour player) 
  • Henry Kuehne (1998 US Amateur Champion, 1998 Walker Cup)
  • Reggie Jackson, (Hall of Famer, 14-time All Star, 563 career home runs) 
  • Roger Clemens, (5-time Cy Young Award Winner, MLB pitcher)

This is an impressive program and an outstanding opportunity for you to improve your game with a consistent mental approach. Fran's approach to mental training is completely different from anything you've ever seen, read, or heard before - anybody can lift their game to new heights, in just 21 minutes a week!


Believe me you don't have to be muscular and have that young person's limber lower lumbar region to hit consistent long and straight golf shots. You just need to make you golf swing more efficient. In other words achieve maximum club head speed with minimum effort and energy demanded from your body. There are only 3 things you need to know to make this happen. 3 simple secrets revealed to you in Swing Machine Golf

My favorite aspect of this book is that it doesn't give you so many things to think about that you actually achieve paralysis by analysis. When this happens as a result of a lesson or instruction that you have had,  many times a golfer will just give up or go back to their old swing mechanics and continue with their frustration.  This is a great book no matter what level of golfer you are. You will find improvement and a better understanding of your golf swing in this excellent instructional book.


golf instruction

You’ll Lengthen your Drive and Cut your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just Two weeks. NOW is the time to fix that golf swing, once and forever. Start hitting the Fairway!  Think for a moment if you would...One great set of clubs PLUS one bad swing equals one golf ball in the water or out-of-bounds (and one or two strokes higher on your score card).  Your GOLF SWING is what drives your score...not your clubs or the ball you play. That is the truth in simple terms.

Time after time (as I have mentioned before) I see golfers step up to the first tee that have obviously spent mucho dollars on their clubs and even their clothes and as soon as they take that first swing, I think... man what a shame. For the cost of less than what they probably paid for a few of those balls like the one they just sliced into the woods they could dramatically improve their game. The Simple Swing  system explains in detail everything that you will need to know to embrace your new swing. Everything is connected for you in a series of simple steps, and every part of the swing is addressed.


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