Debt settlement payday loans -How to combine your payday loans?

How to combine your payday loans?

If you want to add up your payday loans, you first and foremost have to apply for a payday loan consolidation, for example at, which will correspond to the total sum of your old payday loans. The actual merger of the loans will be achieved by the old loans being redeemed using the new total loan. So, one buys itself out of the old loan but has then taken out a new total loan.

Fulfilling your new text messaging loan ahead of time is completely legal, so one should not worry about whether it is an option or not; It is always an option to add loans. However, the borrower may in some cases have to pay some form of fee in order to enable the repayment of the loan in advance. Here you should preferably be aware that the fee should not, in principle, exceed the amount of interest that the borrower should have paid if the loan was not redeemed early.

Generally speaking, repayment of the loan before time could not entail any costs other than what one should have paid for having the loan until the maturity period had expired.

Generally speaking, it can be worthwhile to add loans, for example to Candice Finans, and in many cases, you can end up with a quite advantageous interest rate on the new, large and total loan at Candice Finance.

How do I borrow money from Candice Finans?

The money you borrow from Candice Finans you can spend on just what you are dreaming of; Whether you’re missing out on a new TV, a wonderful trip south, or the big dream wedding, a consumer loan can help you well. All consumer loans at CandiceFinans are loans without collateral, which makes it easy and quick for you as a borrower to take out a loan immediately.

When you apply for the loan you get a quick answer, and since the loan agreement is signed with Easy ID, which makes it safe and anonymous, you can already on the same day expect to get the loan paid out in your bank account. It won’t be much easier to borrow money.

What can you borrow money from Candice Finans?

At Candice Finans, it is actually completely irrelevant what the borrowed money should be used for. All loans fall under the category of consumer loans and are a type of loan that is often taken up in connection with the need for a little extra money for something you cannot afford for yourself. It may be that you need a little extra money to live the big dream of a wedding or a trip around the world. It may also be that you have been happy about a new, large and beautiful TV that you just can’t afford at the moment, but which is just now on offer.

At CandiceFinans you have good opportunities to take a flexible consumer loan that can best suit you and your needs.
There can be many reasons to take a consumer loan, and the money can, therefore, be used for all sorts of things. It is only your own imagination that limits what you can use the borrowed money for. There is no need for an explanation of what you are going to spend the money on – it is entirely up to you.

Candice Finance easily and quickly

It’s easy and quick to get started borrowing money today. Inside their website, you can find an application form that you can use to apply for a loan. The loan application is made in such a way that you can decide how much money you want to borrow (between DKK 10,000 and DKK 50,000), as well as how long a period of time is to be (12-72 months). You can also see your monthly benefit as well as APR, credit costs, debt interest, and monthly repayments. You can see all of this before you decide to apply for the loan.

When you are about to apply for a loan with Candice Finans, then you have to choose your desired loan amount and the term of the loan. Once you have decided on it, you can submit your application, and typically you can expect to receive an answer within 30 seconds. When you have applied for a loan, it is important to emphasize that the application itself is of course not binding. You must first sign the application before it is valid. Once you have received an answer to your application, you must sign the loan agreement electronically, which you do with Nem ID.

It is therefore easy, safe and anonymous to take a loan. You can sign your loan application directly after you have received the approval of the loan, after which the money will be sent for payment with your bank account immediately. You can get the loan paid out the same day. After you have entered into a credit agreement, you also have 14 days of cancellation right in case you change your mind.

Some requirements for the borrower at Candice Finans

There are some individual requirements for you as a borrower that you must meet before you can borrow a loan from Candice Finans. It is quite normal that a loan provider has a number of requirements that the applicant must be able to meet or meet before the loan can be approved and paid. First of all, you must not be registered in the RKI or Debtor register, which is quite a common requirement, which virtually all loan providers make to their borrowers. In addition, you must have a Danish residence and a CP number, and you must also be 18 years of age. These requirements are by no means unreasonable and apply to most consumer loans that exist on the Danish market today.

Loans without security

At Candice Finans, you have the opportunity to raise a loan of up to DKK 75,000, which you can borrow completely without having to provide security for the loan. This type of loan, which does not require collateral, is typically associated with consumer loans, regardless of whether the loan is offered by a bank, a store or a finance company.

When you take out a loan without collateral, it simply means that you do not have to provide any kind of security to the loan provider. This is due to the fact that the latest loan providers, such as Candice Finans, only assess whether they want to grant the loan or not, based on the applicant’s ability to pay. Because the approval process is for that reason very simple, you can apply for a loan without collateral faster than so many other types of loans.

As a borrower, however, it must be borne in mind that in most cases it is considerably more expensive to take out a loan without collateral in relation to a loan with certainty. This is because the risk for loan providers such as Candice Finans is significantly greater when the applicant is only assessed on the basis of ability to pay. The fact that the loan is more expensive will ultimately be the loan provider’s only security. The lending rate itself will, therefore, be affected by this, so the loan quickly becomes a lot more expensive than, for example, loans with security.

To summarize, loans without collateral are thus easy and quick loans, which can be a good opportunity for many people – especially if you want to make it as quick and as easy as possible. As long as you are aware that the speed and ease of recording such a loan, of course, also has its price.

Put a budget

Before you decide to borrow a certain amount from Candice Finans or any other loan company, it may be a good idea to set a budget. In the vast majority of cases, it may be beneficial to prepare well before you start applying for a quick loan 18 years, especially if you have opted out of the bank’s advice.
By deciding on a fixed loan amount before the loan is raised, it is often not as easy to be tempted to take a larger loan.

There is, in principle, nothing to stop you from applying to borrow the maximum amount, in this case, DKK 75,000, but if you do not need more than DKK 10,000, then it is better to stick to it already decided amounts. At the same time, budgets are among the best tools for deciding how a loan should or can be tailored to suit your needs and allowing you to pay it back without any problems.

You also need to remember that the faster you get the loan back, the cheaper the loan will ultimately be. Therefore, you should also examine how much money you can afford to pay in installments per month. This ultimately has significance for how long a period you have to choose as the term of the loan.

Effective interest.

Besides the fact that it can be advantageous to lay a budget before you start borrowing money, it can also be a good idea to put yourself in the concept of effective interest. Effective interest is a concept that is difficult to avoid when borrowing money. It is mandatory to disclose the effective interest rate when a borrower takes out a loan. But what is the purpose of the effective interest rate? The purpose of the effective interest rate is, in short, to provide information on the total cost of the loan over one year, calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount.

That being said, it is not a necessity for the loan itself to run for a year or more in order to calculate the effective interest rate. The effective interest rate is just one way to compare. This means that you can basically use it on loans, whether they have a maturity of 12 months or 10 years.

When calculating the effective interest rate on a loan, for example, from Candice Finans, you will typically recognize all costs that you assume will occur during the loan period. The total sum of this calculation will subsequently be converted to one percent, which corresponds to the costs for a whole year. In this way, you can better get an overview of the costs you can expect to get with a loan over the course of a year.


In some cases, there may be benefits to considering beating several of your loans. Joining your loan is a smart way to easily renew your loan while saving a lot of time and effort and not least money. In virtually all cases, it would, therefore, be worthwhile to add more loans.

Overall, a combination of loans entails some kind of financial advantage, as it can contribute to a lower interest rate and generally lower costs. This can be seen in the light of the fact that a larger and aggregate loan amount will typically be more competitive than a smaller loan amount. This also means that you will usually have a generally lower interest rate. Thus, one can say that the larger the loan you have, the more quantity discount you can obtain.

Not only does a merger of loans contribute to a lower clean, so it can also help to reduce the same loan costs. This is because the fewer loans you have, the lower the loan costs you will thus have. Of course, it also has the bonus that at the same time you save a lot of time and effort, as you only have to think of one single loan, for example at Candice Finans. In this way, you get fewer refunds to keep track of, and they must also only be paid to one single place.

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